Suchitra Krishnamoorthi recalls casting couch experience at hotel: ‘Daddy ko bolo main tumhe subah drop karunga ghar pe’

In a new interview, Suchitra Krishnamoorhti recalled how she was asked by a famous producer-director to spend the night with him in a hotel room.
Suchitra Krishnamoorhti recently opened up about her casting couch experience and said a ‘big’ producer-director had asked her to call her father and inform him that she will be spending the night at a hotel with him. Suchitra said she was very young then, and it took her a while to understand what the producer-director was ‘intending’ to do. Also read: Shah Rukh Khan poses with Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, daughter Kaveri in viral pic as Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa turns 26

Suchitra said she was ‘the verge of tears’ and ran as fast as she could from the hotel. The singer-actor also said such incidents were ‘very common’ at that time. She said today, such people would be exposed due to social media.

Suchitra Krishnamoorhti’s casting couch experience
“I met this producer-director and he asked me ‘Aap kiske sath close ho, aapke mummy ya daddy?’ Toh unhone hotel mein bulaya, unn dino mein hotel room mein sab bulate the, it was quite common. Main gayi maine bola ‘Main daddy ke saath bohut close hoon’. He said, “Bohut achi baat hai. Aapke daddy ache hai?’ Maine bola ‘Haan bohot ache hain, mere se bohot pyar karte hain’. Then he said to me ‘Daddy ko phone karo aur bolo ki main tumhe kal subah drop kardunga ghar pe’. So, aisi cheese bahut hoti thi (We were meeting in a hotel and in those days, a lot of meetings happened in hotels. It was quite common. When asked by him, I said I am very close to my father. The producer-director said, ‘Very nice, then call your father and tell him that I will drop you home tomorrow morning’. Such things were very common back then),” she said in a recent interview to Siddharth Kannan.

How Suchitra had responded
Recalling her reaction to the producer-director’s remark, Suchitra said in the same interview, “I was almost on the verge of tears and I picked up all my stuff and I said ‘I am just coming sir’. Aur main bhag gayi. First I didn’t understand ki kya bol rahe hain. You know it takes you a while… I was like ‘Main kal subah tak kya karungi inke saath?’ And then it started striking me what he probably intending, toh main bhag gayi. Par aise bahot hota tha. Abhi I think the film industry is much more organised and disciplined and also there’s social media. Koi aise bakwas kare toh ek tweet laga do, you expose them. It is a good fear (I ran after the proposition. It takes you a while to process what has been said. It started striking me later what he was intending to do. But such things happen. Now, thanks to social media one can expose such industry people).”

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